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Our Cloud Security Assessment Service

Businesses are shifting to cloud due to the benefits in form of rapid provisioning, elastic scaling, reduced cost, increased flexibility, and high availability but along with these benefits, it is critical that any organizations fully understand the associated security risks with the use of any cloud services and regularly perform cloud security assessment. You cannot simply ignore the threats involved that impact confidentiality, privacy, integrity, availability, and compliance with regulations.

Cloud Security Assessment Risk Landscape

The Risk landscape is far greater in cloud as compared to the traditional IT infrastructure. This is where we help in with our proficient cloud security assessment services. We ensure that you avoid all the threats online.

Have a Cloud Security Assessment Requirement?


Who’s Responsible For Cloud Security Pentest?

Is cloud security the responsibility of cloud service providers alone?
Many organizations think that Cloud Security is the Cloud Provider’s responsibility. No!!! Security on the cloud is a distributed responsibility. It’s the cloud service provider’s responsibility to secure the underlying infrastructure that supports the cloud. It is also your Organization’s responsibility to perform cloud security assessment to ensure the security of anything added in the cloud.

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It’s important for the Organization to provide Cloud Security Penetration Testing

Customer data security
Platform security
Access management
OS Security
Network Security

The Solution to Cloud Security Penetration Testing

Our Cloud Assessment will provide deeper insight into the shortcomings with regard to your cloud services. We will assess your cloud set up from various perspectives. By means of a thorough analysis of your cloud services, we determine the extent to which the choices you made have been sufficient in providing effective resilience against attackers.

Our Process to Cloud Security Pentest

Cyber security hive’s cloud security assessment approach and the process are designed into 4 simple steps

1. Scope and Information Gathering

Onboarding the client, gathering the required information to begin our penetration testing. Collecting the environment details, access to the application with the right permission, whitelist our IP’s.

2. Perform penetration testing

we perform penetration testing and run automated scans using commercial and open-source tools. We also perform manual penetration testing according to the business logic of the application.

3. Report Submission

After collecting all the vulnerabilities using manual and automated scans, we provide the penetration testing report for clients to start fixing the vulnerabilities.

4. Retest

Once the client fixes all the vulnerabilities in the application. They resubmit a build for retesting. During the retesting, we retest the issues that were observed during the primary round of penetration testing.

Our Approach to Cloud Security Assessment
We analyze your cloud designs, configuration, and security set up. We do so by analyzing network drawings and performing a thorough analysis of your cloud services. During the analysis phase, the risks are investigated and then prioritized and reported based on estimated probability and impact. Post that, we will share our key findings.
Business Benefits
Understand your current Cloud cybersecurity posture
Protect your critical Cloud assets and data
Peace of mind in moving to the cloud
Cost effective, easily deployed solution for monitoring and alerting
Demonstrate compliance with security principles

cyber security hive provides cloud security assessment testing service. We provide the best cloud security assessment and pen test services in USA, UAE, and India.

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