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    The Why, The What and The How

    Our Cyber Security Forensics Investigation Services are the answer to you on how to overcome critical business tasks effectively.
    Our team has solid experience and subject-matter expertise to provide the right insight, from strategy to execution.

    Our Approach for Digital Forensics

    CyberSecurity Hive offers end to end cyber security digital forensics Services, right from detecting duplicitous activity, evaluating its effect, and taking the steps to get things up and running as usual once more. We use the latest technology and techniques to identify threats, mitigate losses, and recover data. We are aware of the standards to be followed while handling vulnerable digital data and information.

    Identifying an event from indicators and defining its type. It is significant as it aids other steps.


    Collect the physical act and identical digital evidence using standard and accepted procedures


    Determine significance, restructure fragments of data and draw inferences based on evidence originated.


    Secure and preserve the state of physical and digital evidence so that it is admisable in the court of law.


    Summarize and offer report of conclusions.

    Our Services

    Breach response analysis

    Identifying indicators of compromise, incident timeline, network connection and user accounts, malware, and vulnerability information.

    Employee misuse and misconduct investigations

    Focusing on reviews of system users who have been found violating an organization’s policies and acceptable use procedures.

    Data theft investigations

    When suspicions of an employee data theft arise, it is important to engage a computer forensics expert to perform a theft-of-IP analysis. Our digital forensics teams can help companies piece together any evidence and understand the scope of a breach.

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