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Cyber Security Incident Response

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    Cyber Security Incident Response Services

    As the Internet grows in importance and use, cyber attacks also are increasing. In fact, there is an cyber attack every 39 seconds.  These attacks can cripple credibility and have a huge impact financially. Nowadays organisations are judged on how they respond to a breach. Are you prepared to stop a cyber attack before it becomes a crisis?

    Experienced Team of Cyber Security Incident Response

    If you are experiencing a security incident at your organisation and are looking  for immediate assistance with Incident Response, We have a dedicated team of highly trained certified incident response professionals ready to help you investigate and recover your business.

    Looking for Cyber Security Incident Response Services?


    Why Consider Cyber Security Incident Response Services?

    More often the damage is caused by a delayed and failed response to an incident, not the point of the attack. A poor response could quickly turn an incident into a crisis.
    Eliminate the need for In House Skills

    Partnering with an Incident Response expert means you can quickly provision and deploy advanced tools for sophisticated cyber attack investigations,  with deep technical skill and analytical experience to quickly mobilise,  accurately assess and recommend response/ remediation activities.

    Most cannot afford an in-house cyber security team

    The type of skills required in incident response are difficult to source during an incident and may lead to an extended and delayed response if you do not have a retained contract with a proven incident response provider. Inadequate expertise or an incorrect strategy can significantly increase the cost of a cyber-incident.

    Business Benefits of Cyber Security Incident Response

    Remediate the root cause and help to create future prevention planning
    Work with your teams through the data related to the incident
    Provide the incident timeline
    Deliver a detailed report of cause, effect, and resolution
    Report to Local, State or Federal agencies as required
    Plan towards future protection of your environment
    Cyber security Solutions

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