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    Global Cyber Security Landscape

    The need for cybersecurity professionals has been growing rapidly, even faster than companies can hire—and that demand is expected to continue. The number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide grew 350% between 2013 and 2021, from 1 million to 3.5 million, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. The industry researcher also predicts that in five years, the same number of jobs will still be open. [Source]

    Cyber Security Course Training in Bangalore will help you master the concepts of Cyber ​​Security from scratch. In cyber security course, you are expected to learn key concepts such as ethical security hacking, cryptography, computer networks and application security and security, idAM (identity and access management) as well as vulnerability analysis. spyware and malware attacks, sniffing SQL injection DoS and session hijacking, various security techniques for businesses and practical demonstrations. Take Cyber ​​Security Course in Bangalore and get certified as a Cyber ​​Security Specialist and enhance your future in this field.

    Program Cost

    29,500/- INR

    Become Offensive and Defensive Cyber Security Expert

    Professional Penetration Tester / VAPT Tester

    Cyber Security Hive’s trainers will provide professional penetration testing training to our students and equip them with latest vulnerabilities, exploits and latest tools.

    Post completion of this training you will be able to bug bounties, climb up on hack the box ranking,  apply as a penetration tester in cyber security companies, perform freelance penetration testing.

    Professional Security Analyst / SOC Analyst

    Our Professional cyber security analyst course will train our students to learn basics of cyber security, understand threat landscape and perform threat hunting, deep-dive into Splunk and Wahuz SIEM.

    Post completion of this training you will be able to apply for security analyst role or SOC analyst in any IT company, cyber security. You will be able to block attacks in realtime and communicate with stake holders on the security posture of employees, network and web applications using SIEM technologies.

    Best Cyber Security Training in Bangalore


    Cyber security is an interesting field to build a successful career. You can build your career in offensive security i.e. a penetration tester/VAPT engineer. You can also build your career in defensive security as a security analyst.

    By joining the cyber security training in bangalore with cyber security hive, you will be up to speed with cyber security technologies and get trained on end to end cyber security.

    Training with cyber security hive you will not only learn cyber security but will also learn interpersonal skills, communication skills and mock interviews too to help you perform in interviews.


    Cyber Security Training Overview in Bangalore

    Cyber ​​Security Training in Bangalore helps you understand the practical aspects of Cyber ​​Security including network security, network security techniques, hacking like digital forensics, log analysis and more. From the basic technologies of networks and computers as well as operating systems such as Windows Server and Linux. Cyber ​​Security certification courses in Bangalore are based on recent security incidents. You will learn the most advanced and basic concept of security measures that you are expected to know as a cyber security engineer. Learn about computer dangers and ways to combat threats.

    You will be able to complete various interviews at the end of each session. Our training will also focus on helping with the placement process. The Cyber ​​Security training in Bangalore is a certification-specific program that shares its curriculum with on-demand industry certifications. Cyber Security Hive training programs provide students with flexible learning options. They can choose to attend offline courses, live online or recorded courses. This course uses hands-on courses and live projects to quickly understand security implications.

    Become the Best Cyber Security Analyst in Bangalore

    What is Cyber Security?

    Cybersecurity or information technology security are techniques for protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed at exploiting cyber-physical systems and critical information infrastructure.

    Examples: Industrial control systems, water systems, robotic systems, smart grids, etc. Critical Information Infrastructure: The Information Technology Act of 2000 defines critical information infrastructure as a computer resource whose degradation or destruction will have a debilitating impact on national security, the economy, public health, or safety.


    Cyber security Solutions

    Learning Outcomes of Cyber Security Course in Bangalore

    Cyber security training in Bangalore helps you to analyze and resolve security issues in networks and computer systems to secure IT infrastructure. Design, develop, test and evaluate secure software. You can establish policies and procedures to manage enterprise security risks. You will learn assess and communicate the role of humans in security systems with an emphasis on ethics, social engineering vulnerabilities and training. You can interpret and forensically investigate security incidents. The learner will also be able to

    • Understand the principles of cyber security
    • Ability to incorporate risk management approaches and best practices in the corporate world
    • Learn about prevalent network and distributed system attacks, defenses against them, and forensics to explore an understanding of cryptography as it evolved, encryption techniques used today.
    • Learn about Security Fundamentals, Cryptography, Computer Networking and Security, Application Security, Data and Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, Cyber ​​Attacks and various other business security practices.
    • Having a holistic approach and learning about a wide range of topics that come under cyber security will help aspirants and professionals alike to choose from Ethical Hacking/GRC/Security Architecture/ Audit & Compliance and so on.
    • Preparation for certification by the US Council and the EC Council.

    Get Trained by Industry Leaders in Cyber Security

    Training Modules of Cyber Security Course in Bangalore

    Learn comprehensive techniques like securing your data, risk analysis and mitigation, cloud security and compliance with Cyber security hive’s Cyber ​​Security training in Bangalore. The Cyber ​​Security training in Bangalore also includes masterclasses from top notch faculty and virtual projects that offer students hands-on experience. These concepts are illustrated with examples and incorporated into practical exercises along with relevant tools and techniques if you choose Cyber security hive’s training course in bangalore.

    4. OSINT

    Why Choose a Cyber ​​Security Course in Bangalore

    The rise of automotive hacking: Today’s modern vehicles are loaded with automated software that creates seamless driver connectivity for cruise control, engine timing, door locking, airbags and advanced driver assistance systems. These vehicles use Bluetooth and WiFi technologies to communicate, which also opens them up to several vulnerabilities or threats from hackers. Gaining control of a vehicle or using microphones for eavesdropping is expected to grow in 2022 with the increased use of automated vehicles. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles use yet another complex mechanism that requires strict cybersecurity measures.

    The Potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI): As AI has been introduced in all market segments, this technology combined with machine learning has brought huge changes in cyber security. Artificial intelligence has been paramount in building automated security systems, natural language processing, facial detection and automatic threat detection. Although it is also used to develop smart malware and attacks to bypass the latest security protocols when checking data. Threat detection systems with artificial intelligence can predict new attacks and immediately notify administrators of any data breach.

    Mobile is the new target: Cybersecurity trends provide a significant increase (50 percent) in malware or mobile banking attacks in 2019, making our handheld devices a potential prospect for hackers. All of our photos, financial transactions, emails and messages pose multiple threats to individuals. A smartphone virus or malware may capture the attention of cyber security trends in 2022. The cloud is also potentially vulnerable:-As more and more organizations are now cloud based, security measures need to be constantly monitored and updated to protect data from leaks. Although cloud applications like Google or Microsoft are still well equipped with security from their end, it is the user part that acts as a significant source of errors, malware and phishing attacks.

    IoT with 5G: A new era of technology and risk: With the advent and growth of 5G networks, a new era of interconnection will become a reality with the Internet of Things (IoT). Read about What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and why does it matter? This communication between multiple devices also opens them up to external vulnerabilities, attacks or an unknown software bug. Even
    the world’s most used browser backed by Google, Chrome, had serious bugs. The 5G architecture is relatively new in the industry and requires a lot of research to find loopholes to make the system secure from external attacks.


    Come, Join the Best Cyber Security Training in Bangalore

    How Can we Help you in Cyber Security Course in Bangalore?

    • Resume and LinkedIn review sessions
    • More than 60 hours of practical tasks
    • Free live webinars
    • Help with job placement in cybersecurity fields
    • Mock interview and quiz
    • More than 60 hours of practical tasks
    • Hands-on experience in a live project
    • Help with job placement in cybersecurity fields

    Certificate of completion

    Upon successful completion of the Cyber Security Course Training in Bangalore, Cyber security Hive awards the candidate with a course completion certificate. Most organizations recognize this certificate as a confirmation of the effort invested in the subject. This certificate gives credence to the skills and concepts you have acquired during the duration of your enrolment. It acts as a validation to complete all assignments, assessments and projects to become a successful cyber security expert.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the eligibility criteria for doing Cyber security training in Bangalore?

    For admission to this Cyber Security training in Bangalore, candidates:
    – Should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with an average of 50% or higher marks
    – May have a non-programming background
    – Are not required to have prior work experience

    Is there a demand for cyber security training in Bangalore?

    Data breaches are becoming more serious and companies have no choice but to invest in cyber security as soon as possible. As such, they need skilled cyber security professionals to secure their systems and networks. This has led to an increase in the demand for Cyber ​​Security Courses in Bangalore to acquire the required skills and knowledge. Professionals today seek out these courses to stay ahead of the competition and improve their credibility in the field.

    Why should you focus on learning cyber security skills?

    Cyber ​​security is an essential part of corporate cultures today. As a field, it protects potential victims from irreversible consequences. It is also known for incident response and rapid recovery. This skill can cover network, administration, information, infrastructure, etc. risks and support secure practice against hackers. Being aware of cyberspace can give professionals peace of mind about their formal and informal activities.

    What happens if I miss a training session?

    All lessons are recorded on video and stored in our learning library. If you miss a class session, you can access the recorded session from that library.

    What is the role of open source tools in cybersecurity?

    This open source security tool helps you break down your penetration testing workflow into manageable sections while also allowing you to set up your own workflows. It's also a network port auditing and scanning tool that scans around 250 ports that are typically exposed to external services.

    What are the industrial applications of Cybersecurity in Bangalore?

    The cybersecurity market is growing . In connection with the episodes of cyber attacks, the demand for qualified professionals in the field of cyber security is increasing. There is a huge talent gap in the market, with reports that 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be vacant by 2021. In India, cyber security jobs involve protecting software networks from cyber threats. Almost every sector is in a need of a patch wall that protect them from cyberattacks that include healthcare, manufacturing, government etc.

    What job roles can you apply for after a cyber security course?

    Typical job roles that a participant can apply for are:
    – Network Security Engineer
    – Cyber ​​Security Analyst
    – Security Architect
    – IT security engineer
    – Security System Administrator
    – Penetration tester
    – Security Architect
    – Information security analyst
    – Forensic computer analyst

    What are the cyber security job roles listed in Bangalore?

    In this challenging and competitive , numerous of jobs are available in the field of cyber security field as Information security manager, security investigator, cybersecurity advisor, security incident commander, cyber security analyst and many more.

    How much salary can a security architect expect on an average in Bangalore?

    There are numerous sections in the field of cyber security. Your salary will depend upon the type of skills you possessed. However, the average salary for a Security Architect is ₹ 21,61,560 per year in the Bangalore area. The average additional cash compensation for a security architect in Bangalore is ₹ 3,15,590 with a range of ₹ 30,701 to ₹ 4,00,000

    What are the projects being carried out in Cybersecurity in Bangalore?

    Cyber ​​security grants for start-ups, internships and scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students and research grants are among a number of measures announced in the Karnataka Cyber ​​Security Policy 2022- 27.

    The government will provide a stipend of Rs 10,000 per month for a maximum period of three months for university students undertaking cyber security related internships. For postgraduate students, the stipend is Rs 15,000 per month for three months. Scholarships will be awarded to 200 undergraduate interns and 40
    postgraduate interns in the first two years of the policy. In the last three years of the policy, numbers will double to 400 undergraduates and 80 postgraduates.

    How is the training delivered for the cybersecurity course in Bangalore?

    The course is designed to suit the needs of both students and working professionals as well. We at Cyber security Hive are currently supporting online trainings via zoom and a dedicated session with a trainer every month to clear doubts one on one.

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    Cyber security Solutions

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