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    ISO 27001 certification

    Best Cyber Security Training in Bangalore

    Looking for cyber security training in Bangalore ? Explore our in-person and hybrid solutions to get the training you and your team need — where, when, and how you want it.

    Over the past one year cyber security is in high demand and IT companies require over 10,000+ students every year to fulfil the gap.

    If you are a company, freshly passed out of college, looking to change your career into cyber security. Fill in the form below.


    Become Trained Offensive and Defensive Cyber Security Expert

    Professional Penetration Tester / VAPT Tester

    Cyber Security Hive’s trainers will provide professional penetration testing training to our students and equip them with latest vulnerabilities, exploits and latest tools.

    Post completion of this training you will be able to bug bounties, climb up on hack the box ranking,  apply as a penetration tester in cyber security companies, perform freelance penetration testing.

    Professional Security Analyst / SOC Analyst

    Our Professional cyber security analyst course will train our students to learn basics of cyber security, understand threat landscape and perform threat hunting, deep-dive into Splunk and Wahuz SIEM.

    Post completion of this training you will be able to apply for security analyst role or SOC analyst in any IT company, cyber security. You will be able to block attacks in realtime and communicate with stake holders on the security posture of employees, network and web applications using SIEM technologies.

    Best Cyber Security Training in Bangalore


    Cyber security is an interesting field to build a successful career. You can build your career in offensive security i.e. a penetration tester/VAPT engineer. You can also build your career in defensive security as a security analyst.

    By joining the cyber security training in bangalore with cyber security hive, you will be up to speed with cyber security technologies and get trained on end to end cyber security.

    Training with cyber security hive you will not only learn cyber security but will also learn interpersonal skills, communication skills and mock interviews too to help you perform in interviews.


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    Cyber security Solutions

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