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DDoS Simulation

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    Why DDoS Simulation?

    We Provide DDoS Simulation Services To Simulate an actual DDoS Attack and the ability to withstand such attacks. Cyber Security Hive’s DDoS Simulation service is designed to simulate a variety of DDoS attacks to test an organization’s security posture and ability to withstand and deal with such attacks. The service can be customised according to your business and security needs, and will ultimately help you strengthen your defences against actual DDoS attacks.

    How Cyber Security Hive’s DDoS Simulation Experts Help Your Business

    Our highly skilled DDoS team has unparalleled expertise in conducting controlled simulation while guiding you through the evaluation of risks and their potential solutions.

    Prior to the simulation, our team conducts extensive research on your applications and infrastructure to collect valuable intelligence. Based on the information gathered, attack team will create different types of attack scenarios that simulate real-world DDoS attacks.

    DDoS Attack Types simulated by Cyber Security Hive

    Network (Infrastructure) Level Attacks
    Attacks targeting network components and devices such as firewalls, routers, and load balancers. The effect of these attacks can disable physical access to the targeted servers. These attacks can affect the component’s CPU, memory, and/or bandwidth usage.
    Application Level Attacks.
    Attacks targeting the server’s resources by abusing the application functions which consume physical resources(such as CPU, memory, bandwidth usage). These type of attacks target layer 7 in the OSI model.

    What DDoS Attacks Can We Simulate?

    Bandwidth: Attacker floods the server with requests from numerous bots, thereby consuming network access to the target servers. As a result of this attack, the network bandwidth is fully consumed and legitimate users cannot access the attacked servers.
    Memory: These types of attack depletes available memory of the attacked servers by abusing sensitive memory-consuming functions in the attacked application. Example of this type of attack is ‘slow HTTP post’, which can cause the server to allocate a significant amount of memory.

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    CPU: CPU exhaustion attacks can be caused by flooding the system with CPU intensive computations and may affect network devices, servers and the application itself. An example of such type of an attack is SSL exhaustion, which results in high CPU utilization.
    Connection Table: Each network device or component contains a connection table which lists all existing connections and their status. In this attack, the attacker opens numerous connections to the target, flooding the connection table. Once the connection table is exhausted, the server is unable to process new connections resulting in Denial of Service for legitimate connections.
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    Business Benefits of DDoS Simulation Services

    Realistically assess your DDoS protection preparedness, prior to an actual attack.
    Prepare for the event of an attack
    Identify weak points in the network and improve your DDoS protection level.
    Protect your organisation’s reputation
    Cyber security Solutions

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