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Network Penetration Testing

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    Network Penetration Testing

    We offer network penetration testing service that will assist the companies not only to get a detailed understanding of the weaknesses, gaps, vulnerable points present in their IT infrastructure but also to prioritize the mitigation actions to reduce overall risks.Dozens of new vulnerabilities are published frequently along with acknowledgment from software vendors issuing security patches and fixes on weekly, if not daily basis. Best practices require all systems to be patched within an acceptable timeframe.

    Our Network Penetration Testing Service Approach

    Our Network Penetration Testing service replicates how a skilled and determined attacker will scour the network in search of vulnerable components.

    Network Penetration testing can also be used to assess weaknesses in security processes or security countermeasures such as firewalls.

    Have a Network Penetration Testing Requirement?

    Types of  Network Penetration Testing

    Internal network penetration testing

    An internal network penetration test is performed inside a network to help gauge whether an employee or external contractor could successfully conduct an insider attack,
    and the potential damage such an attack could cause taking the viewpoint of an attacker who has gained access to your internal corporate network or a malicious
    low privilege staff member already on your network.

    External Network Penetration Testing

    An external network penetration test is designed to assess the effectiveness of perimeter security controls as well as identify weaknesses affecting all others. External facing systems, such as web server, mail, and FTP servers, taking the view of an attacker on the Internet targeting your business’s Internet presence.

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    Our Approach to Network Penetration Testing

    1. Scoping

    Our testing experts will work closely with you to define scoped assets and plan an appropriate internal and/or external assessment strategy and timeline.

    2. Reconnaissance and intelligence gathering

    Information gathering phase of our network pentesting consists of service enumeration, network mapping, banner reconnaissance and more.

    3. Threat Modeling

    During this step, assets are identified and categorized into different threat categories. These may include: sensitive documents, trade secrets, financial information but commonly consist of technical information found during the previous phase.

    4. Active scanning and vulnerability analysis

    At this stage, a list of vulnerabilities, suspicious services and items worth researching further has been created and scaled for further analysis. In general, the plan of attack is developed here.

    5. Exploitation

    Our skilled network penetration testers ethically exploit all identified vulnerabilities in order to gain a foothold in, traverse and escalate privileges across your network.

    6. Reporting

    This step is intended to deliver, rank and prioritize findings and generate a clear and actionable report with complete evidence to the project stakeholders.

    Vulnerabilities that we Usually Identify During Network Pentest:

    • Weak security controls
    • Poorly configured firewall rules
    • Unpatched operating systems
    • Insider privilege misuse
    • Software flaws
    • Malware presence
    • Open ports
    • Session management

    Business Benefits of Network Penetration Testing

    Reduces risk and improves control of security related incidents and threats.

    Identification of critical end points, analyse risk, and mitigate a plan.

    Protection of critical IT assets such as servers, network, and your web applications.

    Validates the effectiveness of existing infrastructure.


    IT Network Infrastructure plays a vital role in business processes.


    Reduce the risk of a breach, data theft and monetary loss.

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