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Want to Get Rid of Breaches? Read This !!

Security breaches and service interruptions can cost any individual or company a lot of money. Organizations trust and work with companies that comply with all requirements. Cyber security Hive offers advanced penetration testing services in UAE to identify security vulnerabilities only in advance instead of waiting for a security breach to occur in your organization. Our cybersecurity experts perform penetration testing to understand and verify system vulnerabilities such as service errors, misconfigurations, and unnecessary user behaviour against your operating system, applications, and networks.

Today, many organizations have encountered malicious attacks and dealt with them with an actionable strategy and implementation plan. Our experts help with risk analysis, integrity checks, and business logic testing to highlight vulnerabilities and security issues. It is an established process to analyze, identify and correct deficiencies at high risk. It consists of manual and automated processes to reduce expected risks within networks and applications. Cyber security companies in UAE aim to identify exploitable vulnerabilities and poorly configured security controls to determine the likelihood of users with significant, little, or no prior knowledge of the target assets.

Cyber Security Companies in UAE

Our penetration testing team can help you with the following:

  • Protection against the risk of failure
  • Reduce unavoidable costs
  • Ensuring digital and cyber security
  • Company reputation and customer loyalty
  • Comply with all safety regulations

Highly competent and certified engineers perform services. They undergo rigorous testing to demonstrate competency by following data security practices and meeting compliance standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, DSS, NIST, and PCI DSS. Our Penetration Testing Service can ensure that the entire pen testing process is managed and managed by adhering to the best legal, ethical, and technological standards.

The importance of pen testing with Cyber security Hive

  • It helps identify and prioritize security risks

Penetration testing offers the security team information about which areas or channels in your organization are at risk and provides suggestions on which security tool is best to invest in to ensure security. A pen test will help uncover several system weaknesses you may have never considered.

  • Intelligently manage vulnerabilities

Provides information about real and exploitable threats. Pen tests help identify critical threats, minor threats, and false alarms, facilitating intelligent prioritization and remediation by the security team. A penetration test provides detailed information about identified weaknesses in the system and across channels.

  • It supports a proactive security approach

Businesses deploy various security tools and solutions to protect against security threats because there is no single solution to prevent a breach. Penetration testing takes a proactive approach and uncovers weaknesses, so the security team can identify the remediation needed and determine if an additional layer of security is needed.

  • Provides quality controls

The pen test acts as quality control and helps determine which security policies are most effective and provide the highest return on investment.

  • Identify security strengths and weaknesses

A penetration test regularly subjects the security infrastructure to various attack stages and helps identify strengths and weaknesses. This helps organizations prepare for attacks, and your organization will never be caught off guard.

  • Ensures compliance

Penetration testing ensures compliance and general audit regulations. It helps auditors ensure security measures are in place and working effectively.

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If you’re still concerned about your security vulnerabilities, let Cyber security Hive help you evaluate criticality and prioritize solutions with the best cybersecurity experts. or +91-9901024214 for our services.

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