Mobile Application Penetration Testing

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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile applications are becoming a common platform for supporting both business and leisure activities. These mobile applications essentially live in the public domain leaving it open to the potential for malicious exploitation. Breaches of such nature can damage the reputation and public levels of trust in mobile applications published by organizations

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Will Help Identify Any Vulnerabilities Within Mobile Infrastructure Of Your Business.


Our Approach to Mobile Pentest

We follow a holistic approach combining our experience in mobile platform-specific analysis and methodologies from related application security assessments and provide in-depth mobile app security assessments using the latest mobile application development frameworks and security testing tools.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Methodology

Our Process for Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Cyber security hive’s mobile application penetration testing approach and the process are designed into 4 simple steps

1. Scope and Information Gathering

Onboarding the client, gathering the required information to begin our penetration testing. Collecting the environment details, access to the application with the right permission, whitelist our IP’s.

2. Perform penetration testing

we perform penetration testing and run automated scans using commercial and open-source tools. We also perform manual penetration testing according to the business logic of the application.

3. Report Submission

After collecting all the vulnerabilities using manual and automated scans, we provide the penetration testing report for clients to start fixing the vulnerabilities.

4. Retest

Once the client fixes all the vulnerabilities in the application. They resubmit a build for retesting. During the retesting, we retest the issues that were observed during the primary round of penetration testing.

Top Threats To Mobile Security

Weak Server Side Controls
Insecure Data Storage
Transport Layer Protection
Unintended Data Leakage
Poor Authorisation and Authentication
Broken Cryptography
Client Side Injection
Security Decisions Via Untrusted Inputs
Improper Session Handling
Lack of Binary Protections
API Vulnerabilities
Cross Site Scripting

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Avoid Downtime and Breach Costs

Network downtime caused by a data breach can cost up to $2 million, with the average cost of a breach costing $30,000. Mobile application penetration testing allows your organization to help identify potentially exploitable vulnerabilities proactively before they are exploited by a malicious attacker allowing you to plan remediation and give priority to critical and high-level findings.

Vulnerability Management
Penetration testing provides a severity wise ordered report, documenting vulnerabilities that are proven to be exploitable. Allowing your organisation to proactively find which vulnerabilities are critical and which are less critical or false positives.

Meet Regulatory and Compliance Standards

Performing a penetration test helps organisations address the general auditing requirements for PCI DSS and also helps address ISO 27001 requirements by accessing an organisations exposure to vulnerabilities and providing measures to remediate discovered issues.
Preserve Brand Customer Confidence
Compromised accounts and data breaches can create a negative impact on your brand and affect your sales. Penetration testing helps identify and fix vulnerabilities that could be used to exfiltrate sensitive and personally.

cyber security hive provides mobile app penetration testing service. We provide the best mobile app pen test services in USA, UAE, and India.

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