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    What is Phishing Simulation

    Phishing as a Service/Phishing  Simulation is a computer-based awareness program. This highly effective training program allows organizations to simulate phishing e-mails, help identify which end users are more susceptible to such targeted e-mail attacks, and engage in more focused training opportunities to help users recognize phishing attempts.

    Campaign Designing 90%
    Execution 67%
    Click Rate 50%
    Phish Rate 44%
    Devastating Effect

    Employees are information security’s weakest link, According to a cybersecurity report, 67% of cyber espionage begins with phishing emails. One false step by an employee can have devastating effects on an organization.

    Well Equipped

    Phishing Simulation program equips you to prevent social engineering, spear phishing, ransomware attacks and continuously drives improvement across your security and risk programs.

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    Key Benefits of Phishing Simulation

    • Provides a variety of customizable email templates that address three key testing factors: requests for personal data, embedded links, attachment downloads.
    • Allows you to automatically present any employee who falls for phishing test with a Teachable Moment which explains the situation and provides real-time guidance and tips.
    • Allows employees to report suspicious messages to your incident response and SOC teams with a single mouse click.
    • Provides extensive analytics and reporting about employee responses to various attack scenarios.
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