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SOC as a Service

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    Why SOC as a Service?

    Security operation services Often as security concerns and zero-day attacks increase, enterprises often lack a well-defined response and remediation methodology. They are pressurized to constantly meet evolving regulatory requirements while maintaining performance and operational costs. However, setting up comprehensive security operations infrastructure and running round the clock security operation services is not only time-consuming but also cost-intensive. As a security operations center 

    Alerts That Matter in our Security Operations Center

    We provide contextual analysis behind identified issues, eliminate the ‘noise’ and identify events that matter. You gain time to pursue more strategic concerns and insight to deal with risks effectively

    24/7 Monitoring in our Security Operations Center

    Hackers don’t work the 9 to 5. With SOC-as-a-service, companies get the kind of protection that stand-alone security systems are unable to offer. With more than 50% of companies hit by cyber attacks, any company that is connected to internet could have its data stolen or its systems infected by thieves or malicious actors. SOC as a service takes security to a new level with protection layers that defy even the slyest of cybercriminals.

    Looking for Managed SOC as a service?


    Our Security Operations Center Reporting

    SOC-as-a-service puts our dedicated security engineers in charge of monitoring the network activity of client environment. With advanced skills and knowledge, SOC engineers supply vital security updates as well as regular reporting that assess the current state of network activity. With SOC-as-a-service companies can have better peace of mind knowing their computer systems are in the best of hands.

    How Cyber Security Hive Managed SOC Services Works?

    Our SOC is located in Bangalore and are all backed by certified expert staff. We provide round the clock-support, staffed with security experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience working with complex network environments.Our 24\7 monitoring service enables our Clients to focus on delivering their core business services whilst we secure their networks and systems.

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    Cyber Security Hive security operations centre
    Cyber Security Hive security operations centre
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    Business Benefits of Managed Security Operations Center

    Removes the need for a large investment for an in-house SOC

    Utilise the skills of a specialist with a deep skill set in this area

    Offload the painstaking task of log monitoring and threat correlation to our best of breed technologies & expert engineers
    No training or time burden on your internal team
    Cost effective, easily deployed solution for monitoring and alerting
    Protect your brand, assets & critical data by responding quicker to threats 24/7 threat detection, mitigation and remediation
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