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Web Application Penetration Testing

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    web penetration tester service

    Why Vulnerability Assessment and Web Application Penetration Testing?

    Our Web application penetration testing service is designed to discover weaknesses in your web applications. Our tests and recommendations will allow you to optimize your company’s security posture and be confident that your web applications are protected safe and secure.

    Specialized Web App Pen Test Team

    Cyber Security Hive’s web app pen test professionals are over 10+ years of experience and have the knowledge and caliber to execute complex applications and network infrastructure. Our experts are certified in CEH, OSCP, CISSP, and have performed penetration testing on simple and complex web applications.

    web pen test
    web penetration tester

    Our expert web app penetration testing will analyse all aspects of your web app to help you find out security weaknesses. This helps identify and prioritise organisational risks and forms the foundation of a secure software development lifecycle.

    Have a Web Application Penetration Testing Requirement?


    Why Choose Us for Web App Penetration Testing as a Service

    With agile deployments to your application and the libraries, environments being updated so ofter before every release. It is very important for you to make sure that there’s a minimal gap in the security of your application.

    OWASP Complaint

    Our experts are OSCP, CEH, CISSP, certified. We at cyber security hive follow OWASP based industry-recognized standards. With our web penetration testing our goal is to first find OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and then move on to explore further vulnerabilities.

    Manual Web Pen Test

    Often while penetration testing companies usually use automated scans to find vulnerabilities in the web application. We at cyber security hive run 60% manual web pen test. In cyber security industry manual scans are more valued.

    Automated Web Penetration Testing

    We use industry-recognized, best-automated scanning tools to scan your web application for vulnerabilities. We do not scan on one tool but run your application on multiple tools from opensource to commercial tools.

    Unlimited Retests

    Almost all the cyber security companies provide 3 rounds of retest and start charging the customers. We provide unlimited rounds of retesting on the vulnerabilities identified.

    Our Methodology

    web pen test process, web penetration tester process

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    Our Approach

    web penetration test approach, web pen test approach
    Mandatory Checks Performed by our Security Experts
    • SQL injection attacks
    • Sensitive data exposure
    • Broken authentication
    • XML external entities
    • Broken access control
    • Security misconfiguration
    • Insufficient logging and monitoring
    • Exploiting known vulnerabilities
    • Cross site scripting
    • Insecure De-serialization
    Business Benefits of Web Application Penetration Testing
    Reduces risk and improves control of security related incidents and threats.

    Identification of critical assets, real-risk, and mitigation planning.

    Protection of critical IT assets such as servers, network, and your web applications.

    Validates the effectiveness of existing infrastructure.


    Web applications play a vital role in business processes.


    Reduce the risk of a breach, data theft and monetary loss.

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