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How to choose penetration testing services in UAE?

Penetration testing as a service in UAE is a service offered by companies in the United Arab Emirates to test the security of their client’s IT systems and infrastructure. This service simulates a real-life cyber attack on client systems and networks to identify potential vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit.

penetration testing as a services

Cyber security companies in UAE aim to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of their security posture and help them improve their defenses against potential attacks. Companies offering penetration testing services in the UAE usually employ security experts who are experienced in the field and who use various tools and techniques to perform the tests.

Why is Penetration Testing Important?

Penetration testing is a critical aspect of cyber security for companies in the UAE. By simulating a real-world attack, companies can gain a holistic view of their security posture and identify weaknesses that need to be addressed. In addition, by conducting regular penetration tests, companies can ensure that their systems are constantly updated and protected against the latest threats.

Service offered by Cyber Security Companies in UAE

Several well-established companies in the UAE offer penetration testing as a service like Cyber security Hive. We employ security experts who are experienced in the field and use various tools and techniques to perform the tests. Services offered by Cyber security Hive typically include:

Web Application Testing: This type of testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in web applications, including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection attacks.

Network Testing: Network testing involves penetrating the corporate network infrastructure, including firewalls, switches, and routers.

Wireless Testing: This testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in wireless networks, including wireless access points and clients.

Social engineering testing involves attempts to get employees to give up confidential information or install malware on company systems.

Here are some factors that you get when choosing Cyber Security Hive as your cyber security services provider in UAE:

Expertise and Experience: Choose a company that has a proven track record of performing successful penetration tests and has knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Methodology: Ensure the company follows a comprehensive and well-established methodology for performing penetration tests.

Compliance: Consider whether the company complies with relevant industry standards such as OWASP and PCI-DSS.

Quality of reporting: Ensure the company provides clear, detailed, actionable reporting that highlights weaknesses and provides recommendations for remediation.

Customer Service: Evaluate the level of customer support the company provides, including their support staff’s friendliness and communication quality.

Cost: Consider the cost of the services offered and the value you get from the depth and breadth of the penetration test.

Reputation: Look for reviews and recommendations from other customers and check the company’s reputation in the industry.


With the number of cyber attacks on the rise, companies in the UAE are encouraged to use penetration testing to ensure their systems’ security. Penetration testing is a critical aspect of cyber security for companies in the UAE.

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