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Where to Watch For Penetration Testing? Read This

Cyber security Hive is one of the best penetration testing companies in India. It offers a comprehensive range of security assessment services to help identify and address cybersecurity threats across your organization’s IT assets. Cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of corporate networks. In 2021, businesses will see 50% more weekly cyber attack attempts. Only 14% of targeted businesses were able to defend themselves. One decision to secure your website can decide whether or not you become part of the 14% who are prepared for any cyber threat.

Identifying security vulnerabilities is an extremely important task in the testing process. This, in turn, can be used to reveal security holes in the system. One of the others in this process is penetration testing. This step is essential to protect your important data from attackers. We have been considered in the list of top web application penetration testing companies in USA, Dubai, India, and the rest of the world.

Why do you need VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) services? 

Your website faces threats from ransomware attacks, data breaches, credential theft, and phishing.

How can we help?

With vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, we will create a robust threat prevention and management system for your company website.

Based on our decades of experience and expertise, we focus on high-quality security testing for businesses.

What are we doing

We recommend that businesses conduct regular network security audits to protect network health. After completing this audit, the system can be secured by a secure and scalable IT network infrastructure.

  • VAPT

VAPT Services refers to security testing that helps identify and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities. With the right mix of tools and practices, our VAPT experts help protect your organization against global security standards, including GDPR, ISO 27001, and SANS.

  • Network audit

Network audits are customized services to support businesses that want to check the security and stability of their IT network. We thoroughly scan your network to find a variety of security vulnerabilities. Using this report, we can classify your overall cyber security network risks and advise how to mitigate them.

  • Strengthen your firewall

Our team has extensive experience analyzing various firewalls on the market, including Cisco, Fortigate, NetMate, and others. This detailed review includes information on all aspects, from devices and authentication mechanisms to the login processes you use. With the recommendations we provide from this review, you can start a higher level of security or validate existing hardening practices.

  • Web application security testing

Web applications are key to business success but can also be a soft target for cybercriminals. Use our ethical website and web application penetration testing hacking services to uncover potentially harmful vulnerabilities to your business.

  • Mobile application security testing

Most businesses today have a mobile app that showcases their products and services and is widely used by their customers. These applications can be a weak link in a company’s security posture. Does the application link to backend servers? Is the information hard-coded in the program code? The scope for things to go wrong here is huge.


Cyber ​​threats have grown dramatically over the past few years, and cybercriminals have easy access to the tools to disrupt organizations of any size. Smaller businesses are considered “low-hanging fruit” for hackers, but as we’ve seen, medium-sized businesses aren’t as equipped as they should be to handle the current threat landscape. Of course, one of the most effective strategies a company of any size can implement is penetration testing.

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