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Managed SoC v/s In-House SoC – MSSP

Cyber Security breaches have become a fact of life these days. It’s no surprise that data security remains on top of mind for CIO and IT pros. No doubt monitoring corporate system is a critical component of security and there two pathway to be driven on to get the best handled protection: House SOC and Managed SOC.

What is a Security Operations CentEr

It’s important to start by footprinting on each and every component required for operating a successful Security Operation Centre (SOC) before weighing your option about system security. With an increasing demand of security platform there is a need of system security at high demand In House SOC team can face a difficult challenges keeping up with the current events. The array of potential risk involving phishing, social engineering, malicious insiders etc. The team might face a mid- way stoppage to the process of securing so it’s better to enroll with the Managed SOC as they have a managed pathway on each and every security constraint .


Managed Service

A Managed SOC is exactly what it sounds like – a company you pay to manage and monitor your data charges a fraction of amount to build and maintain SOC. As being a managed SOC they have to monitor the data 24/7. It is very important to choose the right managed SOC as it should be very clear to there service point aspects For advanced managed SOC, the following advance services should be available:

1. The continous ability to find and mitigate vulnerability
2. The ability to predict threats before they are launched
3. The ability to detect key attack tactics and method in critical system
4. The ability to respond effectively in accordance with the priority order

Interested in Security Operations Center?

Five Strategies used by Managed SOC

Identify: Appropriate threat intelligence is very important to understand the actual attack surface
Protect: Significant investments should be made wisely to improve the rate of securance
Investment Balancing: Proper balance should be maintain to reduce the rate of damage
Detect: Globally reported data should be seemed to prevention
Recover and Respond: Improvisation when containing and remediating incidents usually significantly increases inflicted damages.

There are many reasons that you may wish to outsource your cyber security to a service provider like cyber security hive. The main reasons are typically because:
1. You lack to identify the latest security threats .
2. You don’t enough resources to manage your cyber security in the house.
3. You’re unsure how to stay compliant with ever-changing data protection and cyber security regulations.
4. Your business requires support outside of normal business hours or
5. You’ve experienced cyber-crime in the past and you need to take steps to protect your business.

Building a SOC is Expensive

There are many tangible and intangible costs to building a security operations centre. There are few more expensive costs when building a SOC includes:
1. The Investment indeed for building the SOC such as acquisition of equipment and staffing, construction costs. Developing the multiple security solutions required to build an effective SOC can quickly derail a security program.
2. The expenses for operating the SOC such as salaries, maintenance, utilities, and training. The requirements to operate a SOC around the clock can significantly increase recurring expenses.
3. Cost of adaptation to security changes include expenses such as acquiring new technologies to address new threats and staff churn. The costs can cause SOC costs to skyrocket quickly.

How Cyber Security Hive Can Help in Building Managed SoC

Cyber Security Hive provides managed SoC and MSSP services in Bangalore, India, Dubai and UAE. Our 24/7 SoC team monitors your data and keeps a track of the alerts and report these threats. More information about our program can be found on Security operations centre in Bangalore, India, UAE and Dubai.

Cyber Security Hive can help implement SIEM solutions like WAZUH for organisations that do not have a budget. Organisations that have a good budget, cyber security hive also has the capabilities to implement SIEM solutions such as IBM QRADAR, ARCSIGHT, etc.

Cyber Security Hive a Managed SoC as a Service companies in Bangalore, India, UAE can also provide you with 24/7 monitoring along with dedicated SLA’s and SOP’s in place. Get in touch with us on the contact us page.

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